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    Andrews & George Company Limited is a family owned distributor of tea products with a long history.


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    ANDREWS & GEORGE COMPANY LIMITED was founded and incorporated in 1892 by William H.Andrews and Edward W. George in Japan. In the early years Andrews & George specialized in importing machinery and tools that were not manufactured in Japan.


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    The company was wiped out by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that leveled Tokyo in 1923. It was then re-built and during WWII the name was changed and the company was entrusted to its employees. After the war Richard Andrews returned to find that Andrews & George was still intact. The opportunities were enormous and with Richard’s guidance the company flourished.


    John Harrison


    A century later, the company is under the control of John Harrison, the great-grandson of William H. Andrews.


    History Today


    ANDREWS & GEORGE has changed over the years as has the global marketplace. The company currently focuses on importing bulk products into Canada. These bulk ingredients are used in many finished products that are found in the natural health markets around the globe and offer consumers safer and greener alternatives. Andrews & George also exports to countries around the world and because of its extensive history with Japan, this country is still one of Andrews & George’s main trading partners.